Hello and good morning! ☀️

Welcome to my little breakfast café, where you’ll find delicious and delectable breakfast recipes that I hope will brighten your morning and cast a happy glow on your entire day. You’ll also find posts about various adventures and interests of mine.


Alyssa Marie

A Bit About Me

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 4.53.55 PM

Writer, baker, foodie, tea drinker, daydreamer, book lover, gardener, traveler and lover of quiet time with hot drinks and cozy mugs.

I’ve worked as a food/lifestyles writer for several publications including Charleston magazine and Arizona Foothills magazine; I love food and going on new adventures!

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37 thoughts on “About

  1. Alyssa! I’m so glad you liked my post because I’d never have found this beautiful blog! I’m all about your breakfast. My diet is not. But in this scenario I win! Thanks for being a breakfast all-star.

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  2. Hi. I came across your blog when I saw that you liked my post (I visit every person who likes or comments). What a neat blog this is, and as it is now breakfast time here in Brisbane, Australia, a very appropriate one to come across. My culinary skills aren’t as developed as perhaps my photography skills are, so time will tell on the success or otherwise. Practice makes perfect though I guess. Have a great day/night. 🙂

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  3. Hellooooo 🙂 Thank you for liking my post .. and I visit pages of the people who are encouraging me in this first step of blogging by liking my post .. I am on the path of improving my blog 😀 I would love if you suggest me some tips for my future posts cos I absolutely fell in love with your blog 😀 I will be trying the french onion soup this weekend 🙂

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      1. Thank you for your reply and following my new blog 😀 My next plan is a DSLR .. cant wait .. should be home by next week and some good pictures on my next post 🙂

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