Let Me Edit/Proofread Your Work For Free (Blog Content, Short Stories, Memoirs & Everything in Between)

I am working toward establishing myself as a reliable, credible freelance editor.

If you would like assistance in cleaning up, polishing and streamlining your content, I would be happy to review your work. Because I am looking to build a presence as a copy editor, my services will be completely free of charge. In addition, if you know anyone who may need an editor/proofreader, I hope you will refer them to me. I am open to reviewing a wide variety of formats, including but not limited to:

Journalistic Pieces (Articles, editorials, etc.)
Fictional Pieces (Short Stories, Novels, Excerpts, Poems, etc.)
Legal documents
Tech writing

With more than four years of professional writing and copy editing experience, I pride myself upon a masterful understanding of the English language. I studied creative writing and journalism at the University of Arizona. In college, I most loved my editing courses. I am obsessed with the beauty of the English language and yes, I really love proofreading and helping others improve their writing.

I worked as copy chief at a magazine called El Independiente, distributed to citizens of South Tucson twice per year. Within this role, I managed a team of copy editors, oversaw the story budget and ensured that all news pieces were clearly written, free of errors and completed in a timely manner.

Having written for various publications including Arizona Foothills magazine, Charleston magazine and the Arizona Daily Wildcat, I understand what it means to put out content that is crisp and professional.

On the fiction side of writing, I’ve worked as a marketing/social media manager for the literary journal, Sonora Review, where I managed the SR Facebook page and approved submissions to the journal.

*It is important to note that I will not focus as heavily on content but rather on clarity and strong, error-free prose. I am also very cognizant of the writer’s personal voice, so part of my job is to uphold your individual style and make certain my edits do not compromise that. However, if you request, I will certainly make suggestions for content where I feel I have the merit to do so.

My services will include edits for:
Spelling, grammar, punctuation and typos
Sentence structure and fluency
Paragraph structure
Continuity errors
(For fictional works) Continuity in plot, character and overall story

I would prefer documents to be sent in Microsoft Word format so I may work in the editing mode. This way, you will be able to see exactly what edits I have made as well as comments or suggestions I may have included. I work in standard Times New Roman, 12-point font, one-inch margins.

Again, simply spreading the word that Alyssa DeMember is available for editing jobs is incredibly helpful. There is no limit to the length of work I will review, but we can talk more privately through email to get an idea of how long it may take to look over your particular piece.

Please send all inquiries to alyssademember@me.com

Thank you, everyone.


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