Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

I was recently nominated by Natascha’s Palace for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. Natascha is a ridiculously talented cook (check out her “Fresh Strawberry Donuts”) and we’re lucky enough to have her share her delicious creations with us.


I can’t even begin to describe how honored I am to be associated with such an awesome award that recognizes female voices in the writing/blogging world. Our thoughts, feelings, and the things that excite us can reach people from across the world because we have this platform to put ourselves out there and encourage each other. I’m proud to be a part of that.

You guys are seriously amazing. The fact that I have viewers as well as fellow bloggers who pay attention to what I am doing is really cool. And I have learned so much from reading your blogs–I especially love how they open my eyes to new cultures, foods, ideas, personal triumphs and experiences from all around this crazy, wonderful, beautiful earth. The collaboration of ideas, comments and encouragement is what makes blogging so fun. So thanks to all of my readers (bloggers or not) for your support.

Now that I’m done being all sentimental (I tend to do that a lot), let’s get to the RULES of the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award:

Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their site

Include the award logo in your post

Answer the ten questions given to you

Nominate seven more bloggers and let them know

Make up ten new questions for them to answer

And now, my answers:

1. On bad days, how do you cheer yourself up?

Whenever I need a pick-me-up or just want to unwind, I grab a good book, head to a coffee shop and stay for hours. This is probably one of my very favorite things to do; simply relax in a calm, peaceful atmosphere, slowly sip a hot drink and dive into a new world. Currently, I’m reading the Lord of the Rings series. Sometimes I’ll bring a sketchbook to draw or bring my laptop along to write. Without fail, I always feel happy and refreshed.

2. What is your favorite food?

This is such a difficult question because it changes almost monthly. Food is so good. I will always love crepes and cinnamon rolls, and lately I’ve been a bit obsessed with ramen (my boyfriend and I go out for ramen weekly).

3. How do you let go?

I let go by recognizing that it’s all about your attitude. I can choose to let this thing affect me, or I can choose to let it go. Things are only as bad as you make them in your head.

4. How much do you value “silence”?

Silence sits near the very top of things I value most. In a world where we are being constantly stimulated, there are rarely times where we stop to take a deep breath and just exist. I love my quiet time–in fact, it’s silent right now in my apartment and it feels wonderful. I also have a hard time focusing when there is too much noise, so I’m often seeking a quiet place.

5. Will you tell the truth to someone even if you know it will hurt them, or lie to make them feel better?

I’m a sugar-coater. I hate seeing people upset and I hate confrontation, so it’s hard for me to be blunt with people sometimes. However, if it concerns a matter where they really need to hear the truth for their own good or safety, I won’t hesitate to say what needs to be said. But often times, people just need to feel good and have a bit of encouragement. I think it’s okay to say things to lift someone up, even if you might personally think differently.

6. Do you have faith in humanity? Why or why not?

It really teeters back and forth with all of the chaos and the negative things going on, but there is too much good in this world to lose faith in humanity completely. There are too many genuine, goodhearted people out there contributing to this wonderful world and I think they’re much stronger than the bad stuff.

7. What is one thing you really wish would come true?

I wish I could make it so that everyone I love is always happy, taken care of and having fun in life. Also, I want to travel the world with my boyfriend, the love of my life, but we’re making that one come true together. ❤

8. How would you sum up your life in ten words or less?

Laughter, uncertainty, love, silliness–never growing up completely.

9. How do you express anger?

I’ve unfortunately got that hot-blooded Italian temper in my veins, but I’ll usually get it out by venting to someone I trust. Luckily my boyfriend thinks it’s cute when I get mad at generally pointless things, so I don’t feel as rotten when I start throwing pillows or something.

10. What is one thing that will completely turn you off about a person?

I cannot stand when someone treats you as if you are lesser than they are. Inconsiderate things like interrupting you or completely disregarding you when you speak.

Here are my seven nominations (no obligation to participate):


This Lucky Monkey

With All My Affection


Cooking With Team J

Marisa’s Italian Kitchen

Good Food Brain

Pam’s Yarns


And finally, my questions:

1. If you could live in any fictional world, where would it be?

2. Coffee or tea?

3. What is your favorite book series or geeky fandom (television/movies, included)? If you don’t have one, which one fascinates you or captures your attention most?

4. Do you have any phobias? If so, what are they?

5. Describe one of your funniest moments, or the hardest you’ve ever laughed.

6. What is one thing that can always make you smile?

7. What are your thoughts on fine arts education in schools (for kids aged ~6-18 years)?

8. Would you rather have more money or more time?

9. What is a guilty pleasure of yours?

10. If you could give a giant “thank you” to anyone in your life, who would it be and why?

7 thoughts on “Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

  1. Thank you so much for the nomination, as you said, just having fellow bloggers visiting and nominating my blog for an award means so much! And congratulations for yours as well, you really deserve it ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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